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Benefits of link building with WMLinks

For us, link building is the development and care of the site.
Over the years, we have created our own database of websites with the best SEO metrics for any niche and topic. But we don't stop there and search for new donors every day. Yes, we know how to negotiate with site owners and fundamentally do not cooperate with stock exchanges and Hindu intermediaries. Among other things, we adore challenges and difficult niches: adult, gambling, betting, dating, etc.
We offer a full range of link building services: from analyzing competitor links and developing a link profile building strategy to creating unique quality content and tracking published links.
Due to extensive experience and established full cycle of work on link building, our company provides outsourcing services for SEO agencies and in-house teams. This means that you do not need to expand the staff, master and pay for many tools and techniques of link builders, create monthly reports on link building. Only TK is from you, and we take care of everything else!
Each client receives a personal manager who will help monitor the progress of the project, agree on details and get answers to questions.
Guaranteed replacement of links upon removal

We offer 100% free replacement or restoration of links that will be removed during the warranty period

Only SEO safe links

We do not use spam, low quality links, and Black Hat link building strategies. We cooperate only with real sites with traffic.

Cost of links

We offer completely transparent pricing for our customers. Established connections with donor sites and direct contacts with webmasters make it possible to receive discounts on publications. Therefore, prices for our customers are lower than those of competitors.

White Label link building

We help SEO agencies get rid of routine and offer outsourcing of link building services. You will receive a complete set of link building works for your clients in a timely manner. We can handle it at any time!

Need quality external links to your site?

We have a solution just for your project!

Get advice from our experts.
It is free!
We work with any budget and subject
Discuss the project  

How do you create links for your project?

Link quality control

Availability and amount of organic traffic
Traffic dynamics
The relevance of keywords in the top to the site we are promoting
Domain Rating (DR)
Domain Authority (DA)
Countries from which the traffic originates
Presence of footprints
Availability of the Write for us page

Leading tools
for top results

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What will you get?

We offer only natural links effective for SEO. And we built work processes so that you get results regardless of the complexity of the tasks.
manual creation of links
We do not use methods of automatic placement and generation of links. Our link building team is constantly improving the link building process so you can implement any of your white hat link building strategies
improved domain authority (DA)
We build a link profile for your site from only authoritative links from similar sites in your niche, thereby building a great reputation for search engines
improving ranking in SERPs
And also better search visibility of your site. After all, the influence of positive dynamics in building links on ranking results in search engines has already been confirmed by Google itself.
organic traffic growth
And attracting new target customers. By getting a better ranking in the output of search engines, you thereby become more visible to users. After all, sites in the TOP receive 90% of all traffic.
increasing the income of your business
We select donors with a similar target audience to your business, thereby building brand awareness and attracting new customers.
organic link profile
By buying various types of links from us, you get the most natural link profile that does not arouse suspicion on Google. This increases the authority of your site and helps it grow from update to update

Brands that trust us with their link building

Do you have any questions?
Choose a convenient time for consultation, and the WMLinks team will take care of the rest!
Choose a convenient time for consultation,and the WMLinks team will take care of the rest!
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Our Services

Forum Backlinks
Quora and Reddit

Questions and answers

Backlinks are active hyperlinks from the donor site to the promoted web resource (site, page, directory). Backlinks, aka backs, are a kind of digital citation, and search engines have a positive attitude towards such recommendations. To get quality links to the site, you should check the donor and act according to plan. Each backlink plays an important role in the link profile.

To understand site quality, you can use metrics from services like Ahrefs, Moz, SE ranking, or delegate this to professionals. Doubt the quality of a donor? Write to us and we will help you decide.

Use our online calculator to calculate the approximate cost of the work. For more precise information contact our manager, who will get acquainted with the requirements and accurately estimate the budget. Our personal approach and discounts will make you happy.

50/50. Prepay 50% and pay the rest after the project is completed. Usually, our regular clients use 100% prepayment.

At the professional level, we work in three languages: English, Russian, and Ukrainian. We can translate texts from English to any other language by using high-quality translator services. As practice shows, the translation is accurate, and the links we place are not removed, even on sites with strict moderation.

External optimization of the site is relevant for online stores, info products, as well as the sale of services and goods on the Internet. The service is ineffective for local businesses and highly specialized services. Nevertheless, any case should be considered individually. Shoot us a message and we’ll tell you if it is worth spending money to buy links.

External links should be bought from trusted sites and live, moderated forums with high SEO metrics. We have a large “stuffed” base with proven quality and a constant search for new relevant donors for each client.

Forum backlinks – 1 month, submits – 14 days, warranty on the removal of eternal links – 6 months with the possibility of replacement at a similar quality donor or a refund.