Forum backlinks for your SEO

Natural links in new discussions on foreign forums and European communities. Discount pricing for 5 first forum links!

Test period

$ 70

promotional period – 10 days

7$ per link

10 sites

  • detailed report
  • speeding of indexation
  • warranty from removal


$ 325

promotional period – 20 days

6,5$ per link

50 sites

  • detailed report
  • speeding of indexation
  • warranty from removal


$ 600

promotional period – 30 days

6$ per link

100 sites

  • detailed report
  • speeding of indexation
  • warranty from removal


$ 1650

promotional period – 30 days

5,5$ for promotion

300 sites

  • detailed report
  • speeding of indexation
  • warranty from removal


$ personally discussed

promotional period – 30+ days

500 sites

  • detailed report
  • speeding of indexation
  • warranty from removal

Methods of payment

We offer all popular payment methods for purchasing forum backlinks. If by chance, you didn’t find a method that suits your needs, contact us to the issue. Payoneer, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Bitcoin

Our warranty

Crowd marketing – it’s commination with the target audience on the suitable site or blog. The goal is to, organically and unobtrusively, form interest for the product and brand with the reader. As a result, traffic on your website will skyrockets and your business receives the wanted leads. Forum backlinks help with grabbing higher positions in the SERP, forming the anchor list, and making the linking profile more organic. Our forum link building service only work with trusted resources by using the following methodology: the links stay and the result is accumulated.

Only Google-indexed pages

The search engine must see the forum pages and index the forum backlinks along with it. It’s a crucial part of promotion and for the transfer of the link mass which we’re responsible for.

Fresh topics are the way to go

We use the live, relevant, and clean branches for crowd marketing. We create topics and develop the discussion independently from several accounts; in the process of dialogue we make a post with the link. We always find relevant topics for acceptor on the forum

Reputation forms gradually

For audience to receive the necessary motivation, we need to work hard. We carefully promote the idea of product advantages, work with the disadvantages, and attract new clients for cooperation with the brand. Everything needs to be organic.

Donors go through strenuous verification

For the quality placement of forum linkbuilding, you only need to focus on the sites with moderation, review services, FAQs, comments on the informative sites with high SEO metrics: DR, DA, organic search, etc. We check all the donors in the technical plain, and moderation is known to us not through the rumor side.

We use the trusted manual placement method

We own a large base of moderated resources with high SEO metrics. And we’re looking for the sites from the Top of the search engines based on relevant inquiries for our clients. The team is ready to work with difficult topics and demands; we’ll enter and control the backlink on the forum placement process manually to ensure the best results.

Great. I want to test the crowd marketing with you!

How we make the forum backlinks

  • 01
    Diving into the project
    We study the business which we promote deeply
  • 02
    Detailed TT
    Forum linkbuilding in SEO and marketing starts with the development of the technical task. Demands and tasks for the executor are carefully defined, which leads to the desired goals more easily.
  • 03
    Competitor analysis
    We use the experience of your competitors backlink on forum that already got to the top to YOUR advantage. This helps us build an effective forum backlinks promotional strategy and find relevant discussions.
  • 04
    Donor approval
    Depending on the demands, the client can get the forum list in advance, so that they can take part in the process of donor and topic approval with our moderator.
  • 05
    Text writing
    The team prepares and publishes organic content on a native-level quality (English, Ukrainian, and Russian). Based on the client inquiry we’re ready to approve each text.
  • 06
    Placement of messages
    Skills of linkbuilders allow them to easily bypass the moderation and place the content manually, including the dynamics written in the TT.
  • 07
    Check on the removal
    During the final stage of the service, we check the links on the forum on the subject of removal. The warranty on link removal makes 1 month after the posting of report.
  • 08
    Detailed report
    The Google sheet report will let you see the results and the scale of the work.
  • 09
    Speeding the indexation
    After the acceptance of the project, we send all the links for the speeding of the indexation. We use trusted services, such as Omegaindexer that will not harm your site.

We work with the following GEO:

The UK
the USA

Our breakthrough forum backlinks cases

  • iSexyChat

    Free anonymous sex-chat without registration – our client for more than 12 months.
    Result: Top – 1 on Google on forum backlinks (!), traffic and domain rating increase.
    Instrument: quality forum backlinks.
    Budget: 500$ per month.
    Specifics of the project: specific niche, limited budget, one type of links.
    1 / 4
  • Кейсы: Edubirdie


    Essay writing service cooperated with us 12+ months.
    Result: higher SERP position, absence of subsidence on organics, high quality links (100-150 per month, *12\15).
    Instrument: forum backlinks, quest posts, submits.
    Budget: 700-800$ per month.
    Specifics of the project: seasonal niche, very competitive, needs special skills in promotion, large stop-list on crowd and outreach.
    2 / 4
  • TheWordPoint

    Professional translation and localization service. cooperated with us for 12+ moths.
    Result: Ahrefs (DR 48 to70, quantity of domains that are referenced rose from 1000 to 2800, the rise of organic traffic from 1500 to 5500), position growth, positive client feedback.
    Instruments: forum backlinks, outreach.
    Budget: 500-550$ a month.
    Specifics of the project: budget limitations, a completely white niche.
    3 / 4
  • MasterBundles

    Digital product marketplace for designers worked with us for 3 months.
    Result: link mass growth (+3000) and organics (Ahrefs data shows increase from 3000 to 8500).
    Instruments: forum backlinks, outreach.
    Budget: 1700$ a month.
    Specifics of the project:a large volume of work, speedy search of resources for task completion, a lengthy approval of marketplaces for outreach.
    4 / 4

And another 200+ projects

Supporting services for promotion


  • valuable backlinks from the visited sites with high SEO metrics will improve your organic ranging
  • brand will get popularity and the acceptor site-referral traffic
  • search engines will approve the organic site profile, because they will be linked to it through the trusted resources
  • business will directly work with the audience through the quest post – this is interesting and fun.


  • the base for the link profile and promotion is structurebuild
  • the link profile is diluted for safety reasons
  • Tier-2 links are worked on
  • Link graph from the satellites and PBN is growing, it’s easy to get the backs for the grey niches.

Quora & Reddit

  • thousands of potential customers will learn about and discuss your brand, product, service;
  • increase brand awareness and loyalty by contributing to the community with your expertise and get more views on your posts.
  • get relevant traffic to your website by working directly with the audience;
  • build quality backlinks from top sites with high SEO metrics by diversifying your link profile;
  • positively influence the E-E-A-T Google ranking factor(Experience-Expertise-Authority-Trustworthiness).

Forum backlinks – it’s a method of growing your link profile, which is a part of anchor-list forming. Link-profile – these are all links on external web resources that lead to your site. Based on the anchor-list the search engines evaluate your intentions (spam creation, for example). Forums for backlinks is able to improve the search engines results window, create reputation and form the demand, make people go to you and buy.

If you order forum backlinks now, you’ll see the first results in about 2-3 months. It’s fast and effective compared to other optimization methods. You can buy forum backlinks and local links on varius topic resources: forums, social media, blogs, FAQ-services, profile communities.

You can hear positive reviews about forum linkbuilding from those who worked with seasoned professionals. True professionals in forum link building service know how to do forum links elegantly, instead of just spamming non-moderated forums.


Our forum backlink service use crowd marketing for your site to promote shops, content projects, startups, services, and goods.

Reach out to us for a consultation – we’ll make sure to understand your niche well and offer a great price for forum links placement. Cases and reviews of our clients will help you make a mindful choice.

We only use the manual method for comment placement. That’s the warranty of the trust and organic entrance in to the dialogue.

Sure, we’re well-positioned in the Western market and actively work with SEO specialists that promote sites in US and European countries.

It’s 50\50 ratio. It can be custom link building changed of dofollow and nofollow ratio.

Working on forum linkbuilding our writers follow these principals: deep dive into the topic, carefully evaluate the publication resource, assess the level of moderation, fill in the profile correctly, support the live communication and answer the questions in full volume, while promoting links organically. Detailed, practical and useful comments, especially with photo\video are liked more by the visitors.

Manual and mindful forums for backlinks is absolutely safe. We make comments on fresh and relevant topics without spam and with the needed dynamics.

Commenting on the English sites differs with the users’ mentality. There are a great number of developed live forums, it makes dialogue entry easier. The executor of the effective crowd marketing must know English on a native speaker level. Google has a monopoly on distribution. It actively fights against the search spam and doubtful content. You must have a clear plan and select the platforms for local link by the reputation.

Yes, with any niches.