Outreach – placement of guest articles and eternal backlinks for SEO

Best guest post & blogger outreach service for the outreach link building for your site. Check up for existence in the Indian bases!

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minimum order – 3 links.


The average cost of the links.
Can change depending on a marketplace.


Our fee is 28$ for a marketplace + percentage for a deal. We attach screenshots of the dialogues with webmasters.

0 $ 178
*Approximate cost 676$
$ 150

Approximate cost$676

you can highlight any demands in the brief
Discuss the project
It is a preliminary result. To find out the final cost, fill in the application on the site.

Means of payment

The result of promotion
with eternal links and articles

  • Increase of the position in the SERP by posting articles on sites with high SEO metrics.
  • Diversification of the link profile, so that search engines would consider it natural and organic.
  • Working on the authority with the target audience through articles on the site as well as increase of acknowledgement and trust
  • Traffic is flowing to the site; some of the transitions end up in sales.
  • Publicity for a large audience in media works only in case of a quality precedent, however it is not easy to place a guest posts. There should be a pool of loyal media and build-in communication with editors to solve the issue.
  • To publish an article online means having a well-grounded choice of donor, ability to negotiate and understanding promotion strategy. The right approach will lead to the improvement of traffic and a better positioning. You will be able to see the result of the project in one week to a month’s time.

The pathway to the result

  • 01
    Competition analysis
    We are analyzing the steps of our competitors that led them to the top as well as web-resources that are your audience’s – favorite.
  • 02
    Donor selection
    We’re going to select and approve the sites for the publication based on DR, DA, TF criteria, topicality, quantity of pages in the index, etc.
  • 03
    Building rapport
    We will learn about the demand of work for each webmaster or owner of the site. We’ll negotiate and strike a deal on beneficial terms.
  • 04
    Signing a deal
    We’ll confirm the scope of work as well other details, like deadline.
  • 05
    Preparation of the content
    Confirm TT with the client and use the work of experienced copywriters. It’s an additional service, you can also use your own content
  • 06
    Publication on the sites
    We’ll add images, sign the alts and send it to the webmasters for placement
  • 07
    Detailed report
    We’ll analyze the completed work together with the customer and decide on the necessary improvements
  • 08
    Payment for the webmasters
    We’ll send the payment for the quest article upon agreement

Our breakthrough outreach cases

  • Кейсы: Edubirdie


    Essay writing service edubirdie.com was cooperating with us for 12+ months
    Result: increase of positions, absence of subsidence on organics, high-quality links (100-150 a month, 12*15).
    Instruments: crowd, quest posts, submits.
    Budget: 700-800$ a month.
    Peculiarities of the project: seasonal niche, highly competitive, needs special skills for promotion, a large stop-list on outreach and crowd.
    1 / 4
  • The WordPoint.com

    Professional translation and localization service The WordPoint.com cooperated with us for 12+ moths.
    Result: Ahrefs (DR 48 to70, quantity of domains that are referenced rose from 1000 to 2800, the rise of organic traffic from 1500 to 5500), position growth, positive client feedback..
    Instruments: crowd, outreach.
    Budget: 500-550$ a month.
    Peculiarities of the project: limitations on the budget, a completely white niche.
    2 / 4
  • MasterBundles

    Digital product marketplace for designers MasterBundles.com worked with us for 3 months.
    Result: growth of link mass (+3000) and organics (Ahrefs data shows rise from 3000 to 8500).
    Instruments: crowd, outreach.
    Budget: 1700$ a month.
    Peculiarities of the project: a large volume of work, speedy search of resources for task completion, a lengthy approval of marketplaces for outreach.
    3 / 4
  • StudyDriver

    The platform for students StudyDriver.com worked with us 6 months..
    Results: organics tripled (from 5000 to 15000), metrics (DR from 17 to 50), client feedback.
    Instruments: submits.
    Budget: 200-600$ per month.
    Peculiarities of the project: subsidence happened and there was necessity for the urgent position improvement, client shortened the budget in three times, the process of link approval was dragging.
    4 / 4

And another 200+ projects for

Accompanying services for promotion

Crowd marketing

  • Natural link profile.
  • Leads for the business.
  • brand recognition, goods, services.
  • direct impact on target audience.


  • Increase to the site trust.
  • Diversification of link profile.
  • Work on Tier-2 links.
  • Recovery of the link PBN-graph and satellites.

Quora & Reddit

  • thousands of potential customers will learn about and discuss your brand, product, service;
  • increase brand awareness and loyalty by contributing to the community with your expertise and get more views on your posts.
  • get relevant traffic to your website by working directly with the audience;
  • build quality backlinks from top sites with high SEO metrics by diversifying your link profile;
  • positively influence the E-E-A-T Google ranking factor(Experience-Expertise-Authority-Trustworthiness).

Why order outreach,
eternal links and article publication?

  • Outreach – the method of promotion that is based on personal agreements with the site owners. Specialist use the quest posts, exchange of articles and posts, testing of goods or services, informational partnership, link post to the influencer.
  • We use outreach for the mass contact with the audience that is interesting for the potential customer. Outreach – SEO optimization with the human face: useful content, organic traffic and trust of people. Together with that, we’re following a detailed plan: so that search engines rank the site you need by buying external links on the trusted web-resources.
  • Our team builds transparent and trustworthy relationship with site owners and webmasters. Our clients receive the best conditions, speed, and reliable placement.

Questions and Answers

Eternal links are links with an unlimited placement period (as opposed to leased, temporary links). The fact of placing eternal links and its duration is discussed with the representatives of the sites. Much of the success of eternal links depends on the quality of communication. Our team works on the principle of developing such relationships to ensure a premium service for our clients.

There are different opinions about the price of SEO backlinks: is it worth paying or bartering? The simplest and most common method is to pay for eternal links. Its actually an advantage – the link is paid once, and the placement is valid as long as the site exists (you should take into account the strength of agreements made with the owner). Don’t be afraid of sanctions from search engines algorithms which dislike the purchase of temporary links. They love naturalness, relevance, long-term placement of links on trusted sites.

There are different opinions about the price of SEO backlinks: is it worth paying or bartering? The simplest and most common method is to pay for eternal links. Its actually an advantage – the link is paid once, and the placement is valid as long as the site exists (you should take into account the strength of agreements made with the owner). Don’t be afraid of sanctions from search engines algorithms which dislike the purchase of temporary links. They love naturalness, relevance, long-term placement of links on trusted sites.

Temporary (rented) hyperlinks have one benefit – acceptable price. After, drawbacks follow. In perspective, the rent of links will cost you more than a one-time purchase plus there are difficulties with the accounting of payments. The placement works only during the period of the payment, and then the site gets into the dependence on the rented links. After the end of the payment period, the subsidence follows in the link dynamics which will have negative consequences for the promotion. Eternal links are reputable and effective alternative.

The cost will depend on the quality of donor, traffic, link mass, the type of links, topics and other factors. Write to manager and after studying your demands as well as topic, they will provide the calculations.

Correct link placement is the most effective method of site promotion. This is what you need to include to acheive a successful result: popularity of your online marketplace, the quantity of the pages, volume of the visitors, index, reputation of the domain, topic, level of content writing.

You still have doubts where to purchase links from English speaking sites? Surely, you can buy the links from Indians and feel sorry. However, you can purchase links from us, see the difference and want more 🙂

The warranty is 6 months. If the link is extracted during the warranty period, we cover the loses, we replace the links on the site with the exact metrics or give a refund.

Pre-payment and post payment 50\50

Yes. We have three copywriters on the staff for any kind of tasks. As they say: speed, quality and cheapness – choose any two points. The main difference between us and our competitors is that we do not save the money on the quality and offer the optimal or the best choice for the invested money.

Of course!

No PBN or other nets, we solely use real sites with organic traffic.

Sure, you can do that. It will not impact the price.

We’re working with all niches.

Usually, it takes up to 7 days for the article to be placed. The placement speed is impacted by the demand to the content, approval process, workload of the copywriter and webmaster’s resourcefulness.

Yes, it’s possible to add the links to already placed articles

If you’re considering the acquirement of eternal links cheaply for the site, it’s important to take note of the correlation between price and quality. We’re offering cheaper links than our competitors because we have connections, clear pricing, and ability to negotiatiate. Quality links aren’t cheap and you should not save on the issue.

From purchasing eternal links to site promotion you can receive the maximum gain, only in one case – if you turn to qualified professional with well-established business processes. We love doing outreach in SEO, have competent negotiations and regularly add the site base with great metrics. Long-term cooperation – is our priority, as well as warranty of the discounts.

You’re still thinking about where to buy the eternal links? Content our manager and they will make an interesting offer for the first placement.

We’re cooperating with SEO specialists who promote foreign sites in English through backlinks. Business community of Europe and the USA realizes the value of backlinks for promotion. We’re carefully following the site’s quality; it’s dynamics of development, existence of links from reputable sites, absence of spam and content actuality. The devil is in the details – that’s the reason why we count all the nuances while building the reputation and constructing eternal links on foreign sites.