The placement of submit-links

Trusted links from top web resources with DR>65 parameters


$ 250

promotional period – 10 days

100 sites

  • maximized profile filling,
  • building of several characters and the stories for placement,
  • indexation speeding through


$ 175

promotional period – 12 days

50 sites

  • maximized profile filling,
  • building of several characters and the stories for placement,
  • indexation speeding through


$ 330

promotional period – 15 days

100 sites

  • maximized profile filling,
  • Creating several characters and a unique description for each submit.
  • indexation speeding through

Payment methods

Choose the most comfortable way of backlinks payment. If you can’t find the appropriate way – we are happy to discuss individual conditions. Payoneer, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Bitcoin

How we do it

  • 01
    Choice criteria
    We select the donors together with the client and take care of all the nuances of linkbuilding. You may need the site stop-list.
  • 02
    Donor search
    We look for suitable web 2.0 services according to the approved criteria among the best directories, PDF-catalogues, reviews, cartographic services, videohostings, etc.
  • 03
    Approval list
    We send the results of search for approval, if client needs to look through the web 2.0 sites before ghe work starts.
  • 04
    The material collection
    We create fake emails, find or generate photos, and write texts for the profile. If needed, we can send the legend for approval.
  • 05
    Registration and placement
    We publish messages from the registered accounts following the approved schedule.
  • 06
    Detailed report
    The Google sheet report will let you see the results and the scale of the work.
  • 07
    Smart service
    We check links for deletion after publication. After acceptance of the work, we speed up indexing using third-party services.

Supporting services


  • brand reputation building;
  • discussion with the target audience through guest posts;
  • the base of selected platform + search for new donors;
  • personal contact with site owners for favorable placement of articles without removal. 

Forum backlinks

  • organics of link profile;
  • brand, goods, services promotion;
  • direct impact on the target audience;
  • leads for business. 

Quora & Reddit

  • thousands of potential customers will learn about and discuss your brand, product, service;
  • increase brand awareness and loyalty by contributing to the community with your expertise and get more views on your posts.
  • get relevant traffic to your website by working directly with the audience;
  • build quality backlinks from top sites with high SEO metrics by diversifying your link profile;
  • positively influence the E-E-A-T Google ranking factor(Experience-Expertise-Authority-Trustworthiness).

Reasons why you need the submits

  • Web 2.0 concept states that informational technologies develop including a bigger quantity of people to content creation. We fully support the statement and use the possibilities of social media for promotional purposes. Our specialists carefully follow the algorithm changes and demands for cooperation within the network.
  • The submit-sites are based on Web 2.0 technology: stimulate the users to fill and spread the information, and verify the quality of information. Quality content can be described as unique, useful, relevant and informative material that corresponds to the audience demands.
  • Promotion through submits works in different directions: increases the trust, dilutes link profile, develops Tier-2 links, and supports PBN and satellites. Also submits – it’s a checked way of getting amazing links for the grey niches and topics, specifically casinos, essay writing, pharma, medical services, insurance.


Web 2.0 – these are informational technologies where users create and spread their own content on the internet. The users themselves fill these multiuser systems with the content. They are ideally suitable for the formation acceptor link profile.

Web 2.0 services – these are websites and apps that are built on the social interactive principle. Samples of web 2.0: directories, PDF-catalogues, sites on job search, videohostings, podcasts, freelance auctions with portfolios. Also, for linkbuilding there are interesting presentation exchange services, site analyzers, aggregators, profile on the forums, cartographic technologies web 2.0, reviews, discount services, Wiki-technologies.

The placement of submits on the web 2.0 platforms is suitable for informative and commercial projects, as well as difficult niches, i.e. casino, adult, etc. 

During the process, the acceptor site is promoted in the search position and brand – in the user environment. There are free and paid for possibilities for submits placement. 

The paid-for possibilities are based on the sources with the high DR figure (Domain Rating). Submits’ advantages: simplicity, saving the budget, speedy effect, development of company trust, recognition of brand, organic growth of link profile, diversification of anchor list, safety cushions for sanctions from the search engines. 

The disadvantages concern mostly the donors with low metrics: absence of trust of the search engines, privacy problems, user flood, and service dependence on the decisions of the side companies. 

It’s worth noting that, as of late, the submit effect is not as significant as earlier. However, these sites are still useful for promotion and are in need during the creation of the safety cushion. The quantity of good submits is limited, so for the quality of submits promotion, use our experience and competences.