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Every business’s goal is to get some love and recognition from the audience, as well as search engines. Our team of experts has decades of combined experience working within the industry, so we know well how to optimize and customize strategies that satisfy all our clients, target audiences, and researchers. Link Building is one of the most effective ways of promoting your business organically because it creates an informational bridge between brands and users.

Google is known for constantly changing its algorithm to optimize the ever-evolving world of search results. Our experts use their vast experience, knowledge about trends, and advanced research methods to effectively push your business to the top of the SERP. Some of our expertise includes outreach, forum backlinks , submits, and cataloging. We do everything in agreement with our clients, to make sure that their goals and desires are met every step of the way.

Forum backlinks are a great option for brands who want to communicate with their target audiences more effectively. It works by posting messages on related forums and blogs to increase visibility and increase awareness about your idea, product, or service. The result of this method is increased traffic, better rankings, generating quality leads, and diluting the link traffic.

Quality placement of forum backlinks is based on 3 principles: suitable site, metric check, and precise handwork. Important issues to consider – thorough forum verification, live and clean discussion threads, page indexation. 

Using forum backlinks, we got multiple clients to the TOP – 1 Google entry! This promotion method is good on its own, and in conjunction with other backlinks, and as a way to strengthen the links. Placing external links on forums works great for complex niches: “adult,” seasonal, competitive, and specific.


Louis Dudek famously stated: “Fame is based on what people say about you, reputation on what they think of you.” 

We are capable of controlling both of the processes in online sphere: without poetry, however, with a clear understanding of the algorithms on which the site development is based. 

Outreach is a form of communication with the user, an extension of the reach, and achievement of more (if literally translated).

In practice, the method of site promotion is based on personal agreements with site owners, advertising departments, and bloggers. The quality of communication and mutual benefit is valued above else. 

Guest posts are developed with a focus on the reader’s interest, real value, creation of a natural link profile, and increased search engine rankings.


Changes in Google algorithms are risky when it comes to external optimization of the site. Submits provide a safety cushion for the site promotion. Submits are an opportunity to get all trusted links from donors with high SEO metrics at a low price. It is important to note that such search engine crawlers see such links as natural. 

To be fully natural, you need to diversify your link profile with anchor and non-anchor links. However, we’re not recommending adding commercial anchors into submits because it is unnatural, especially for the new sites. Submits work well for boosting satellites, PBNs, Tier-1, and Tier-2 links. Placing links on trusted sites is suitable for niches where it is difficult and expensive to get links. The main priority for us when buying links for the site is safety.

How we work

  • 01
    Project analysis
    We want to study the product from all sides possible to look for development potential. Then, we learn the niche nuances and offer a suitable development strategy.
  • 02
    Write and coordinate TT
    A quality technical task, together with the wishes, inquiries, and demands of the client, reminds us of a road map: what we work with, how and where we move.
  • 03
    Study the competition
    Services such as SE Ranking and Ahrefs provide another view of the market from the technical side, which is great for considering the plans and evaluating the results to optimize the budget later.
  • 04
    Finding donors
    If the customer wants to join the selection of sites for the purchase of links, we always meet them halfway. It is important for us to agree on the selection criteria, such as DR, DA, TF, subject, number of pages in the index, stop list, and other parameters.
  • 05
    Register data
    Whether it is registering a company in directories or an account on a forum – you should always enter all the necessary information. And, if possible, upgrade registered profiles.
  • 06
    Getting the materials ready
    We believe that quality content is interesting and conveys the right meaning. We create photos, articles, and comments with full immersion in the topic.
  • 07
    Verify deletions
    Our experience has taught us to make realistic predictions: even “eternal” links do not always stand the test of time. If we agree on the publication, there are almost no deletions. Just in case, we have a guarantee: crowd marketing – 1 month, submissions – 14 days.
  • 08
    Replacement of deletions
    The guarantee for the removal of perpetual links is 6 months, and if the link for any reason cannot be returned to the paid site, we will replace it with a donor of similar quality or refund the money.
  • 09
    Reporting in detail
    We are always pleased to show the results of our work. For reports, we chose the Google Sheets service so that the client could observe the work processes online when necessary, make requests for edits, and receive the fastest response from our team.
  • 10
    Caring about our clients
    We are always together in the process of work – a personal manager is continuously in touch with the client. The creation of a link mass may require approval if the promotion has been going on for a long time.

Our mission

We have two intentions: to mindfully help our clients with the promotion of the site and to build long-term relationships with each client.

We have been creating external links since 2019, and that’s the reason why we fully understand the client’s desire to get quality links.

The experience of placing links in different topics and the lessons learned have benefited us. Now, we’re able to quickly evaluate the niche and form the effective promotion strategy. 

We built our process with attention and understanding that any client could turn to us with a task of any complexity and get the result.

Our standards – we do not only strive to provide our clients with impressive results, but we also want them to enjoy the whole process. Quality cooperation and communication is a must.

We often tend to hear that link building is boring and monotonous. However, we disagree. We are truly having fun with the process, and we are well versed in links. We especially love tasks with an asterisk in the extraction of eternal links and when clients trust us again and again to promote their sites.

Link Building for us – the development and care of the site.

Our team

  • Алексей Деркач
    Aleksei Derkach
  • Юлия Ликаренко
    Yulia Likarenko
  • Роман Сусло
    Roman Suslo
  • Марина Савенко
    Marina Savchenko
  • Михайловская Ольга
    Olga Kulikova
  • Кристина Швец
    Kristina Schvec
  • Маковецкий Дмитрий
    Dmitrii Makoveckii
  • Котенко Надежда
    Nadezda Makovenko
    Team Leader
  • Елена Декод
    Lena Dekod’
  • Коваленко Яна
    Yana Kovalenko
  • Дмитрий Морозов
    Dmitrii Morozov
  • Денис Захарченко
    Denis Zaharchenko
    Head of outreach
  • Дарья Белуга
    Daria Beluga
    HR manager
  • Артем Молочко
    Artem Molochko
    Outreach specialist
  • linkbuilder Людмила Сыч
    Lyudmila Sych

Warranty and Quality

Big Base

In 5 years, we selected platforms with the best SEO metrics for any topic. Surely, our search continues to this day. Above else, we love challenges, so we work with such niches: adult, gambling, betting, dating, etc.

Direct Work

We’re loved for the appropriate prices and long-term placement. That’s a subject of personal agreements with the site owners, so you can count on additional benefits which other specialists do not provide: discounts from webmasters, no problems with placement for several months after the payment, quick placement of the article – only because we work directly! It’s our principle – not to cooperate with link exchanges or intermediaries.


One of our rules in the company: Not to do the good work quietly! With the help of the personal manager, it’s easy for our clients to control the development of the project, be aware of the details and get the answers to the questions.

Quality Content

We offer not only to buy the links but to surround them with quality content. This means that the client gets unique, informative, useful tests with a full grasp of the product.

We work in GEO:

The UK

Any means of communication

Any means of payment

We selected all the popular methods of payment for the SEO links. If you want to discuss the individual means of payment, contact our manager and we’ll find the solution

How forum backlinks helped out clients

  • The team constantly follows my demands and initial TT, constantly sending platforms for approval. And most importantly, they send the reports on time and meet deadlines. For an outsourcing specialist, that’s a crucial factor!
    Aleksandra Hilova
    SEO TL (Boosta)
  • We ordered more than 200 high-quality crowd links, namely forums for top projects focused on the Western market. I would like to thank Denis for his conscientious and always timely work. We received our tasks before the deadlines, and they are well executed. The team works with our donors and independently searches for donors to meet the requirements. Thank you for the timely check, selection of topics, thematic focus. We are very satisfied – we will continue to work with WMLinks in the future. I recommend!
    Tanya Lanovets
    Outsource manager Boosta
  • Hello, colleagues! A few words about WMLinks. We have been working with them for more than a year, on different topics, different GEOs. The team is always in touch! If there are any corrections, wishes – they immediately implement them. We are in contact with webmasters. Everything is transparent and clear in terms of finances, so I recommend: you can also work with WMLinks to get the same excellent result as we did.
    Oleksandr Lushin
    Head of SEO

Questions and Answers

Backlinks are active hyperlinks from the donor site to the promoted web resource (site, page, directory). Backlinks, aka backs, are a kind of digital citation, and search engines have a positive attitude towards such recommendations. To get quality links to the site, you should check the donor and act according to plan. Each backlink plays an important role in the link profile.

To understand site quality, you can use metrics from services like Ahrefs, Moz, SE ranking, or delegate this to professionals. Doubt the quality of a donor? Write to us and we will help you decide.

Use our online calculator to calculate the approximate cost of the work. For more precise information contact our manager, who will get acquainted with the requirements and accurately estimate the budget. Our personal approach and discounts will make you happy.

50/50. Prepay 50% and pay the rest after the project is completed. Usually, our regular clients use 100% prepayment.

At the professional level, we work in three languages: English, Russian, and Ukrainian. We can translate texts from English to any other language by using high-quality translator services. As practice shows, the translation is accurate, and the links we place are not removed, even on sites with strict moderation.

External optimization of the site is relevant for online stores, info products, as well as the sale of services and goods on the Internet. The service is ineffective for local businesses and highly specialized services. Nevertheless, any case should be considered individually. Shoot us a message and we’ll tell you if it is worth spending money to buy links.

External links should be bought from trusted sites and live, moderated forums with high SEO metrics. We have a large “stuffed” base with proven quality and a constant search for new relevant donors for each client.

Forum backlinks – 1 month, submits – 14 days, warranty on the removal of eternal links – 6 months with the possibility of replacement at a similar quality donor or a refund.